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Spotless Mind



Funny how a two hour flight can change your life.


Change is inevitable, though.


A recent, spur of the moment trip to Miami taught me a few things.


Ocean breeze. Full moon. Full clubs with abundant, yet empty spirits.


I met a championship boxer. His persona, full of life. Tales of winning the national championship, sparring with Angelo Dundee (Muhammad Ali’s trainer), going undefeated, and eventually crumbling under pressure once his wife passed away.


"Take a picture of me!" he exclaimed, as I walked past, camera dangling, en route to whatever food was near.


"I’m not a bum you know.." Shirtless, he sat in the sweltering heat, all too anxious to show me his boxing stance from ages ago. He swung, jab after jab, with the intensity of being in the ring. "If I’m this fast now, what do you think I was like in my heyday!?"


He beckoned me to Google his name on my “computer thingy” (my iPhone. I obliged.) Reading aloud his immaculate record, he was astounded to know I knew his whole career story with a few keystrokes.


We talked about life, love, and staying focused.


I slept a total of maybe 5 hours over three days. Had the best home cooked meals I’ve tasted this year. Met an amazing bunch of talented individuals. Had way too much champagne (LIV is always to blame). Missed my flight. Regained much needed inspiration. All leading to some great work I’m proud to say will be nationally displayed.


I forget exactly where I was headed with this, but I say all that to say:


Divine timing.


Embrace it. Life may not move according to our schedule.


I’m a firm believer that the people you meet, opportunities you’re given (or lose), and the success accrued - doesn’t happen by coincidence.


Motion, persistence, and patience.


Every encounter may leave you with just enough answers to unfold the next chapter. Trust your struggle, intuition, and God.


All things in moderation.


Above all,






Stumbled upon a “lost” Bill Withers album while vinyl shopping. 

Finally gave it a spin.

Great album. Perfect for Saturday’s.

Scrawled on the cover, it reads:

"Life like most precious gifts gives us the responsibility of upkeep. We are given the responsibility of arranging our own spaces to best benefit our survival.

We have the choice of believing or not believing in things like God, friendship, marriage, love, lust or any number of simple but complicated things.

We will make some mistakes both in judgement and in fact. We will help some situations and hurt some situations. We will help some people and hurt some people and be left to live with it either way.

We must then make some adjustments, or as the old people back home would call them, + ‘JUSTMENTS.”